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An entire museum dedicated to spatulas, you ask?  Why not. I’m sure you’ve been in other equally oddball museums. If we can have a Mustard Museum and a Bead Museum then certainly we can have a Spatula Museum.

Actually, this site is a product of the side of my brain where weird wacky ideas pop out with no warning.

I am an amateur chef and a tool junkie.  My kitchen is filled with high-quality appliances and gadgets.  Particularly spatulas.  I have a Cuisinart food processor (two of them, actually), a big 7-Qt Viking commercial mixer, a Zojirushi bread machine, a Vitamix 5000 series Professional Bender, etc.  What is the one thing I use almost every time I’m in the kitchen?  Right.  A Spatula. Like any other tool, a good spatula should feel good in the hand and bring pleasure to it’s user.

A few weeks ago I noticed that I seem to have an affliction known as Spatula Acquisition Syndrome (SAS for short). A cable channel showed Weird Al Jankovic’s parody commercial about a big box store named Spatula City. Then it struck me: The Spatula Museum. I see nothing wrong with turning my growing collection of spatulas into an online virtual Spatula Museum.


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